Seedhi Baat – 17th August 2023

(Will Nawaz Sharif Come Back To Pakistan?)

Seedhi Baat- 16th August 2023

(Petrol Price Once Again Increased)

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(Shehbaz Sharif Angry with Nawaz Sharif)

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(Kakar’s Surprising Entry in Pakistan Politics)

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(Uncertainty About Elections | Imran Khan Cases)

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(End of Government Tenure | Inflation | Election)

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(Facilities For Imran Khan in Jail)

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(Imran Khan’s Conviction And Elections)

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(Relations Between Shehbaz Sharif & Establishment)

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(Confusion on Caretaker PM’s Name)

Seedhi Baat – 1st August 2023

(Petrol, Electricity Prices Sky-rocketing)

Seedhi Baat – 31st July 2023

(Caretaker Prime Minister’s Name Final?)

Seedhi Baat – 27th July 2023

(Nawaz Sharif And Asif Zardari’s Important Meeting)

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(2018 To 2023, Nothing Changed in Five Years)

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(Shahbaz Govt’s 15-Month Performance)

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(When Will Pakistan Stop Begging?)

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(Who is Behind Campaign Against Army Chief?)

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(Accountability Court’s Detailed Judgement About Nawaz Sharif)

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(What is Happening in Supreme Court?)

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(Another Amendment in NAB Law)

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