Rubaroo – 22nd September 2023

(Why Was It Necessary For Caretaker PM to Go to the UN?)

Rubaroo – 16th September 2023

(Exclusive Interview of Caretaker Minister Jamal Shah)

Rubaroo – 9th September 2023

(Exclusive interview of Caretaker Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani)

Rubaroo – 8th September 2023

(Exclusive Talk With Faisal Vawda)

Rubaroo – 2nd September 2023

(PAK vs India – Indian Team All Out by Scoring 266 Runs)

Rubaroo – 27th August 2023

(Will Caretaker PM Be Able to Give Relief to People in Electricity Bills?)

Rubaroo – 19th August 2023

(PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi Arrested)

Rubaroo – 18th August 2023

(Exclusive interview of Abdul Qadir Baloch)

Rubaroo – 13th August 2023

Rub(When Will Nawaz Sharif Return to Pakistan?)

Rubaroo – 12th August 2023

(Anwar ul Haq Appointed As Caretaker PM)

Rubaroo – 11th August 2023

(Exclusive Interview of Muhammad Ali Saif)

Rubaroo – 6th August 2023

(Exclusive Talk With Asif Zardari’s Peer Syed Ejaz Shah)

Rubaroo – 5th August 2023

(Why Was Imran Khan Sentenced in Haste?)

Rubaroo – 4th August 2023

(Exclusive Talk With Javed Chaudhry)

Rubaroo – 30th July 2023

(Bajaur Blast | Selection of Caretaker PM)

Rubaroo – 29th July 2023

(Ahmed Hussain Dehar’s Revelations About Imran Khan)

Rubaroo – 28th July 2023

(Why Amendments to Army Act and Official Secrets Act?)

Rubaroo – 16th July 2023

(IMF, Pakistan | TTP Afghanistan Issue)

Rubaroo – 14th July 2023

(Exclusive Interview of Faisal Vawda)

Rubaroo – 8th July 2023

(IMF Agreement, PTI Support, Fall or Responsibility?)

Rubaroo – 7th July 2023

(Exclusive Interview of Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui)

Rubaroo – 2nd July 2023

(Foreign Investment, Civil-military Leadership Gathering)

Rubaroo – 24th June 2023

(Hamid Mir Exclusive Interview)

Rubaroo – 18th June 2023

(Government Coalition Face-to-Face, Fact or Fiction)

Rubaroo – 17th June 2023

(Will Nawaz Sharif Be Able to Participate in Practical Politics?)

Rubaroo – 16th June 2023

(Will Nawaz Sharif Return? Level Playing Field?)