Face To Face – 24th September 2023

(Election Commission Announced Election)

Face to Face – 23rd September 2023

(Shahbaz Sharif Vs Nawaz Sharif | Election)

Face To Face – 22nd September 2023

(Faizabad Dharna Case | Nawaz Sharif’s Return)

Face To Face – 17th September 2023

(What Are The Priorities Of New Chief Justice)

Face to Face – 16th September 2023

(Petrol Price Unbearable for Public)

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(Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial’s Historic Judgement)

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(Will Imran Khan Get Relief From Supreme Court?)

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(Lawyers Movement | Imran Khan Case)

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(Is Imran Khan Being Pressurized For Deal?)

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(Cypher Case | Pervez Elahi Arrested Again)

Face To Face – 27th August 2023

(Electricity Bills | PTI Women in Jail | Elections)

Face to Face – 26th August 2023

(PPP’s CEC Meeting | Imran Khan’s Cases)

Face to Face – 25th August 2023

(Who Will Give Justice To Imran Khan?)

Face To Face – 20th August 2023

(I Didn’t Sign Any Bill – Says President Arif Alvi)

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(Nigran Setup Kitna Arsa Tak Rahe Ga?)

Face to Face – 13th August 2023

(Imran Khan In Jail | Elections | Economy)

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(Who Will Be In Caretaker PM’s Cabinet)

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(Supreme Court’s Judgement | Bushra Bibi’s Diary)

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(Politics of PTI After Imran Khan’s Conviction)

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(Tosha Khana Case: Relief Or Conviction For Imran Khan?)

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(Big Shock To PDM Government In Senate)

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(Will Election Be Held in Time?)

Face to Face – 23rd July 2023

(Drug Use in University Students)

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(Toshakhana Case | PEMRA Amendment Bill)

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(Imran Khan | Cypher | Azam Khan)