Benaqaab – 6th January 2023

(Banks Making Hefty Profits Due to Dollar Fluctuation)

Benaqaab – 15th December 2022

(KP Govt Failed To Build Arbab Niaz Stadium)

Benaqaab – 13th December 2022

(KP Assembly Gives NRO to Imran Khan)

Benaqaab – 24th November 2022

(Severe Financial Crisis in KPK)

Benaqaab – 18th November 2022

(Imran Khan Tosha Khana Scandal)

Benaqaab – 17th November 2022

(Imran Khan’s Tosha Khana Scandal)

Benaqaab – 16th November 2022

(Tosha Khana Scandal: Imran Khan in Trouble)

Benaqaab – 14th November 2022

(Controversial Appointments of Lady Health Workers in KPK)

Benaqaab – 11th November 2022

(Imran Khan Tosha Khana Case)

Benaqaab – 7th November 2022

(Imran Khan Ko Kitni Goliyan Lagi)

Benaqaab – 4th November 2022

(PTI Supporters Protest in Different Parts of Country)

Benaqaab – 2nd November 2022

(SC Remarks on Long March | Tosha Khana)

Benaqaab – 1st November 2022

(CPEC: PM Shahbaz Sharif’s Visit to China)

Benaqaab – 31st October 2022

(Imran Khan’s Threat of Bloodshed in Long March)

Benaqaab – 26th October 2022

(9 Sala Yateem Bachi Se Jinsi Ziadati)

Benaqaab – 25th October 2022

(Arshad Sharif’s Murder Should Be Investigated – ISPR)

Benaqaab – 24th October 2022

(ECP’s Detailed Judgement on Imran Khan’s Case)

Benaqaab – 14th October 2022

(Builder Mafia’s Occupation on Public Parks in Karachi)

Benaqaab – 13th October 2022

(PTI Government’s Big Scam)

Benaqaab – 12th October 2022

(PTI Foreign Funding Case)

Benaqaab – 11th October 2022

(Who Earned 50 Billion Rupees in Dollar Scam)

Benaqaab – 10th October 2022

(Who Is The Beneficiary of Dollar Appreciation)

Benaqaab – 7th October 2022

(Imran Another Audio Regarding Alleged Horse Trading)

Benaqaab – 5th October 2022

(Peshawar BRT Mega Corruption Cases) (پشاور بی آر ٹی میگا کرپشن کیسز)

Benaqaab – 4th October 2022

(Severe Economic Crisis in KPK) (کے پی کے میں شدید معاشی بحران)

Benaqaab – 3rd October 2022

(کے پی کے میں میگا کرپشن کیسز) (Mega Corruption Cases in KPK)